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Butcher Block Countertop Installation

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Butcher block countertops are made from thick strips of wood, glued together to create a solid surface, then sanded and sealed for texture and style. Almost any type of wood can be made into a butcher block, and William French Home Improvements offers an eclectic range of options to complement the look and feel of your kitchen. When it comes time to upgrade your countertops, consider calling the Flower Mound kitchen remodel specialists at William French Home Improvements, offering butcher block and other luxury countertop installations.

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Butcher Block Countertops: A Classic Choice with a Refined Look.

While our contractors are able to install butcher block countertops made from multiple species of wood, generally, we recommend going with harder varieties, which tend to last longer and prove more durable for cooking and cleaning-purposes. One of the great things about butcher block counters is that they can be refinished over the years, meaning these surfaces may last for generations. Butcher block countertops are also a great choice for environmentally conscious buyers, who are interested in a counter made from reclaimed wood. For an eco-friendly choice that provides a warm aesthetic and comes in an array of attractive colors and styles, butcher block is a prime luxury countertop choice.

Advantages of Butcher Block Countertops

  • Great for baking and food prep: If you love to cook and bake, butcher blocks are an ideal choice, as they hide scratches from cutting very well, and may prove an easier surface to assemble ingredients on than a slippery stone countertop.
  • Easy to touch-up: While other countertops may require replacement after a certain period of time, you can basically keep resealing and sanding your butcher block countertop in perpetuity.
  • Match with multiple kinds of décor: From your cabinetry to your flooring, there’s not many areas in your home that butcher block countertops won’t go with. And because they are wood, it is easy to match their tone and hue with existing features.
  • Durable and not difficult to clean: Butcher blocks don’t suffer from the kind of cracking or chipping that hard countertops experience. If they are well-maintained and cleaned, they can look great year after year.
  • Added character: While the average butcher block countertop should be periodically oiled and cleaned, you have a choice in terms of how much maintenance you want yours to undergo. While some prefer to keep their countertops in perfect condition forever, others find that a little wear and tear adds character. After all, it’s not difficult to refurbish butcher block counters, so why not treat them as you like!

How to Clean Butcher Block Countertops

One of the many benefits of a butcher block countertop is that it is quite simple to clean.

In order to properly clean your butcher block countertop, we recommend that you do the following:

  • Scrub the countertop: First, you want to remove everything from the area of the countertop that you're cleaning, including scraping off any caked-on dirt and sweeping away any crumbs. Next, you want to put a few drops of dish soap to a sponge and scrub your countertop, making sure that you're going with the grain of the countertop for more successful cleaning. To rinse the soap from the countertop, rinse the sponge with water and then use it to wipe your countertop.
  • Apply white vinegar: While wiping down your counter with soap will clean it, it will not entirely disinfect it. To do so, we recommend using white vinegar. Simply pour some white vinegar onto a clean towel and wipe the entirety of your countertop with it. Make sure you let the vinegar fully sit for 15 minutes.
  • Wipe with salt and lemon juice: If you have any spots that you can't seem to clean, salt and lemon juice works wonders. Simply mix one cup lemon juice with a half cup salt. Then use a sponge to rub the paste-like mixture onto the surface of the countertop. In addition to helping remove any spots, this solution will also help with disinfecting.
  • Remove the excess salt: Once the countertop has dried, use a clean towel to wipe away the excess salt and enjoy your freshly cleaned countertop.

William French Home Improvements: Where All Your Kitchen Dreams Come True

At William French Home Improvements, we don’t want you to just like your kitchen, we want you to love it. Whether you’re looking for butcher block countertops or another kind of upgrade, we offer options guaranteed to satisfy. With competitive prices, free estimates, and various specials, we aim to provide quality craftsmanship, regardless of your budget. There’s a reason that customers in Flower Mount and beyond love our services, and that we are included on the Good Contractors List.

In addition to professional kitchen remodels, we also assist clients with:

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