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7 Secrets to Help You Choose the Best Flooring for Your DFW Home

Floors can alter the entire feel of a room as well as its function. Whether you want to replace carpet with hardwood or need new tile in your entryways, William French is your flooring resource. Our expert contractors are adept at installing all types of flooring, so regardless of the flooring material you choose, give us a call for flooring installation.

Seven Secrets to Choose New Flooring

These 7 homeowner tips for selecting the right flooring will help you understand your options as well as the factors that should lead you to the perfect material.

  1. Lifestyle: Homeowners with children and pets need durable, easy-to-clean, long-lasting flooring. Offices and playrooms do well with carpets or hard flooring with area rugs, to reduce echo and noise. What other lifestyle factors should you consider? For instance, if your backyard features a pool, carpet on the path from the pool to the restroom will become prematurely worn, so a hard floor is better. Think about your daily life and the toll it takes on your flooring. 
  2. Durability: The most used areas of your home (entryways, kitchen, bathrooms, living areas) are subjected to more foot traffic than bedrooms and offices. These high-traffic areas require a more durable flooring material, one designed to look new despite heavy use, to maintain a new appearance.
  3. Materials: At any home improvement store, you’ll find a wide variety of flooring options, ranging from various types of carpets to hardwood, laminate, tile, bamboo, and vinyl. Explore the look, feel, and durability of different flooring materials before considering colors.
  4. Maintenance: Some flooring needs more maintenance than others. For instance, hardwoods need to be refinished and sealed when they begin to show wear. Carpet, on the other hand, requires regular vacuuming and occasional steam cleaning. Carpet also tends to hold odors, while less porous, hard surfaces do not. Tile grout may become dark with wear, so it may need to be cleaned or replaced periodically, to look fresh, clean, and new.
  5. Esthetics: Now for the fun part! Consider the decor style of your home, as well as the individual areas that will be re-floored. Choose flooring that complements your taste. Remember that dark colors make a space feel smaller and more cozy, while light colors make a space feel larger and more open. 
  6. Budget: When planning a budget for flooring, don’t forget that the current flooring must be removed and the surface prepared for new material before installation. These tasks come with an expense, and we’re happy to provide you with an estimate that includes all aspects of flooring removal and installation.
  7. Professional Advice: If you still aren’t certain what type of flooring material is best for your home, our flooring contractors can provide the voice of experience. For design assistance consider hiring a local interior designer with a great reputation.

First Step to Flooring Installation

The first step in choosing flooring is talking with a William French Home Improvement specialist. We can help you select a flooring material that will endure your family’s lifestyle while delivering a beautiful look and feel.

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