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The countertops you choose for your kitchen remodel will be seen and used every day, so you need to understand how different materials look as well as the maintenance requirements to keep your new countertops looking new for years. At William French Home Improvements, our experts can provide advice, explanations, and considerations about various countertop materials. If you have questions or would like to see samples, give us a call at 469-305-0700.

Types of Countertop Materials

The most popular countertop materials today are granite and quartz, but there are alternatives. We also offer porcelain and butcher block countertops. Depending on your home’s style and your family’s lifestyle, we will help you find the best option. Both options are easy to maintain and offer a long-lasting surface for food preparation and serving.

Granite is a natural stone, with unique patterns and one-of-a-kind esthetics. In contrast, quartz is an engineered stone, made with resin, pigments, and natural quartz crystals. Quartz countertops are more consistent in pattern and appearance. Both stone countertop types come in myriad colors and patterns.

Butcher block countertops come in many different kinds of wood, but hardwoods are the most popular due to their durability. Boards may be set in various ways, so the edge, face, or end grain shows. Small wooden blocks make up butcher block, and it has a natural, warm esthetic. After installation, butcher block countertops are either oiled, polyurethaned, or waxed. The wood can last for generations with good maintenance and periodic sanding.

Ceramic countertops are made of clay, feldspar, silica, and kaolin blended with water and then formed and cut. After drying, the ceramic is fired. Next, a glaze is applied for color, texture, and finish before a second firing. Then the material’s edges are treated, the surface polished, and the countertops cut to size, adhered to a base, and sealed during installation. Ceramic offers a wide range of colors, is resistant to heat, scratches, and stains, and requires little maintenance. 

Factors to Consider

At William French Home Improvements, our experts can help you decide on a countertop material by providing information about the various options. As you compare and contrast the choices, think about the location of the material in your home and how it will look as a lasting fixture in your decor. When selecting countertops for your new or remodeled home, consider these factors:

  • Appearance: Select a material that complements your overall decor style. 
  • Durability: Consider how you’ll use the surface and what threats it may encounter, such as heat and chopping.
  • Maintenance: Is easy maintenance a must-have, or are you willing to invest in periodic maintenance that requires a contractor?
  • Repair: If the surface is chipped or scarred by knife marks, what kind of repair will renew its original appearance?
  • Cost: It’s important to stay as close to your budget as possible, especially during a remodel when overspending can steal funds from upgrades in another area.

Custom Countertop Installation Services

When you need expert advice and installation for countertops, call William French Home Improvements at 469-305-0700. We transform homes with quality materials, contractors, and customer service. William French serves homeowners and landlords in the greater DFW area, including Grapevine, Lewisville, Flower Mound, and the Mid-Cities.

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